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professional Eric Laroche worked and works as a Software Engineer / Software Architect / Software Problem Analyst / Researcher / Technology Consultant in and near Zürich / Switzerland / Europe. His closer professional interests include middleware ('network') and system software ('infrastructure') development, mainly on Unix and Java platforms, as well as relevant security aspects. He used to develop software engineering tools ('software for software engineers') too. Further interests were and are programming in general, using the C, C++, Java, and Lisp languages, as well as some other programming languages; software quality assurance, including code reviews, and coding guidelines; debugging, performance tuning/optimization and general troubleshooting. Security and its extended need for code correctness, and multi-tier middleware debugging have received much priority, as well as design towards scalability.

hobbies My private interests include traveling, hiking, biking (e.g. in France), gourmet activities, photography, [watching] movies. Additionally I find interesting: art in the broader sense, including design, architecture.

services Expertise:
Analysis/Design: OOA/D, C/S design, UML/RUP, SOA
Unix (SVR4, Solaris, GNU/Linux, OS X): application programming, network programming, porting, TCP/IP, RPC, CORBA, Motif/X11, middleware development, hardware interfaces / device drivers, optimizations, installation/administration, router/firewall configuration
Windows: application programming, network programming, GUI programming, porting
Java platforms (JSE, JEE, JME): application programming, server programming, middleware programming, JMS, JNDI, JDBC, JMX, JAXP/XML, RCP/SWT, OSGi
Programming languages: C/C++/Java/C#, Lisp/CLOS, scripting languages, SQL, IDL, Assembly (x86, 68k, sparc, 8051, AVR), Postscript, Mathematica
Databases: Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Berkeley

A strong focus lies on middleware development (network, communication and security layers), analysis of complex software and performance problems, use of software engineering tools and design patterns, simulation, testing, quality assurance, refactoring, reviews, and defining development processes.

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