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A critical discussion of the author's C programming language coding guidelines concerning their applicability in the Java programming language
The paper discusses the author's guidelines in C programming concerning their applicability or non-applicability in the Java programming language.
C programming language coding guidelines
The paper gives a comprehensive insight into the author's guidelines in C programming. Many aspects that are needed to define these guidelines are thoroughly discussed. The paper provides much background information needed for the decisions about do's and don't's in C coding.
C programming language overview [pdf]
The paper provides a short overview of the C programming language.
Differences between Java and C++
The paper was intended to provide a technical overview over the differences between the Java and C++ programming languages.
Shortcomings in tools that are used to build software products
Among other things, it is shown why the 'make' build tool is not well suited as build back end in complex project structures, and typical workspace support is poor.


Analyzing SPARC code
A five phases sample of how to analyze SPARC code. The intermediate results are shown to reflect the progress in analyzing.
Optimizations sample C/x86-32/armv6
Low level optimizations sample, optimizing C code, as well as x86-32 and armv6 assembly.
Unix process tracing patterns
The paper serves as an introduction to useful patterns to analyze Unix process behavior. Solaris/SunOS truss tool output samples are included.
Virtual function table and base class layout
Short paper about layouts of C++ virtual tables, x86 samples.
x86 assembly dump sample
A dump (disassembly) of a highly optimized application, including analytical comments on general x86 issues as well as on x86 specific optimizations.

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