lrdev software

C: C programming language comments translator state machine [information / source] opensource
Translates C++ comments to C comments. A (simple, somewhat optimized) state machine takes care of the translation. The translator can be seen as a simple language lexer for C-oid programming languages (C/C++/Java/...) .
C: Figure construction patterns [information / source / source / source] opensource
Figure construction patterns for figures constructed from squares [polyominoes].
C: Rich text format normalization tool [information / source] opensource
Normalizes RTF documents. Normalized formats are useable with version control tools and readable as raw data (i.e. without wysiwyg application).
C: Sparse file converter [information / source] opensource
Translates (sparse) data (back) into sparse files. Useful for data that got eventually expanded while copied, moved or restored.
C++: VRML glass constructor [information / source] opensource
Allows to design drinking glasses as virtual reality modeling language representations.
Java: Big rational numbers [information / source] opensource
Dynamically sized big rational numbers for Java. Big rational numbers allow exact calculations with the operations add/subtract/multiply/divide. May be of help with money data types.
Java: Big rational numbers calculator [source] opensource
Calculator to illustrate the use of BigRationals, including NaN handling and persistence, as well as an adapter for Java math functions (reflective, as illustration for custom plugins).
Java, PostScript: Graphics Turtle [information / source / source] opensource
The Graphics Turtle, known from the Logo programming language, is a cursor that has a position (X and Y coordinates), a heading and a pen up/down state. Procedures as forward, left, etc are used as drawing idioms.
Lisp, Mathematica: Blackjack game probabilities [information / source / source] opensource
Basic strategy (uncounted, 'infinite' deck) Blackjack game probabilities. The useful hit/stand strategy tables are calculated based on these probabilities.
Mathematica: Graphics to VRML converter [information / source] opensource
Provides a set of functions to convert Mathematica 3D graphics objects to virtual reality modeling language (VRML, version 1.0) documents.
Palm/RPN: regressions [information / source] opensource
Linear, logarithmic, exponential and power two variable regressions for Palm's RPN calculator.

puzzles, riddles

C++: c't's 3d packing puzzle [information / source] opensource
Calculates three-dimensional packings of 12 puzzle pieces into a cuboid of appropriate size. The pieces consist of four to six cubes of the same size, interconnected at the cubes' sides.
Java: a visual riddle [information / source] opensource
Lets the user gradually increase visual effects, to help understanding/solving the riddle.

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